Adjusting to School

My children have been in school for 8 days, and so far is feels like weeks have passed by. My younger twins have been adjusting wonderfully to Preschool, but Liliah and Alexia struggled the first two days in Kindergarten. Thankfully, Lily and Lexy’s school is pretty small. They realized very quickly there was some behavioral issues that had to be addressed. I didn’t find the behavioral problems to be a surprise, especially with all of our moving, and they have witnessed aggressive and violent behavior in the past. I am grateful, that they have had some one on one time with their counselor, and in only 5 days they have improved tremendously. The girls have been so lucky to have caring teachers and staff members who have really taken to them.

Liliah & Alexia Victoria Junior

As far as Mom’s sanity, I am great! I have a few home projects I am working on. I want to create a designated area for book bags and shoes. Right now my kids throw their book bags on the living room floor. Not cool!

I also want to purchase some cork boards and dry erase boards for the papers the schools send home. I have a huge stack of paper of artwork, upcoming events, and notes from their teachers. I already have their “homework” color coordinated in folders, so I’m somewhat organized. I might have to look on Pinterest to see if I can find any neat pins on Organization. 🙂

Lunchbox Must Have: Individually packed granola bars. Such a lifesaver when packing lunch!
Annie’s & Cascadian Farm Organic, are a huge hit with the kids.