Party planning: Decorating with Balloons without helium.

I was actually working on a blog post for tomorrow, when I was distracted by Pinterest and decided to write this Party Planning post. This always seems to happen! I get sucked into Pinterest, admiring all the crafty and creative ideas that are shared there. I wish I had the time to do half of the DIY stuff on there, but I don’t.

Well, I started searching for some birthday party ideas. My daughters, Liliah & Alexia will be turning five this weekend and I have everything a party needs, but I wanted to do something creative with their birthday balloons. There is no way I’m shelling out 25-50 dollars for a disposable helium tank. I also can’t see myself driving a van full of helium balloons, and very excited children, home from the party store. Somehow, that just screams a disaster waiting to happen. So helium filled balloons are out of the question. Now I have an opportunity to do something different and fun, but it has to be easy. I don’t have time to do an elaborate balloon wall complete with balloon animals. If you have the time for something that grand, more power to you! 🙂

So with the help of Pinterest, I have found some easy and unique ways to use balloons for a party, without a helium tank. Below are my favorite ideas for easy balloon decorations.  All you need is tape and ribbon, and in the case of the balloon garland a sewing needle and string. You also don’t have to be a super creative or a crafty mom for these. 🙂 Enjoy!

Inexpensive plastic tablecloths, balloons, and ribbon.
Jessica Schlecht made this creative balloon avalanche for her 5yr old’s birthday!
Hang balloons from the ceiling with ribbon and tape. Put a penny inside the balloon before you blow it up, so the balloon will hang better.
A simple & colorful backdrop. All you need is balloons, streamers and some tape.
Balloon Garland: Take a needle and some thread/yarn and sew it through the balloon necks. After you’re done stringing the balloons just hang them up with tape or thumbtacks.