It’s been five…

     It’s been five days since my last post and the children are still with their dad. I am crossing my fingers the days go by quickly, so they can come back home. Since the children left, I went to a job interview and found a babysitter to watch the children while I am working.

I start working on Monday at Starbucks. How awesome is that? If anyone knows me, they know I love Starbucks coffee. I am very so excited to start working and making my kids proud! 🙂

     So far June has been a pretty good month for me. I really can’t complain, other than missing my children terribly, things have been going smoothly. I graduated from Career Step on June 1st, and should be receiving my certificate for Medical Administrative Assistant soon. I start working next week, and I now have a reliable babysitter for the children. Things are finally falling into place for me and my family and I am looking forward to what life has in store. 🙂

Image Source: You are what you think