I think my blog, is starting to look like the Web MD website; with all this talk about illnesses. 


June bug has Bronchiolitis.

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He woke me up today, with a horrible cough. It sounded just like Whooping Cough, but he wasn’t wheezing. My husband was already at work, and I knew today was a busy day for him, so I tried to soothe June Bug by rocking him and giving him plenty of formula. That didn’t work too well, the poor kid was having a screaming fit, because he was so tired and so hungry, but he was too exhausted to actually do either. After an hour of trying to soothe him on my own, I texted my husband and told him June bug needed a doctor ASAP. Thankfully he was able to come home and I took my son to the Acute Care Clinic.

There were kids running all over the waiting room, jumping up and down, screaming, and surprisingly happy. All I could think was, if your child is clearly energetic and happy; why take him to URGENT care? In my opinion, if your child is sick but still energetic, set up an appointment with his/her pediatrician and leave Urgent Care for more seriously ill patients. Again, just my two cents. I waited two hours for my son to see a doctor, and all the while he had a fever. I’m grateful I was actually able to have my son seen, because now I know what he has and I can give him the best  possible care at home.

Interestingly enough, while I was taking my son to Urgent Care, my sister-in-law was also going to the doctor for her cough. She found out she had Bronchitis an hour after I arrived at Urgent Care. Talk about foreshadowing!

Now that I’m home, and my son has taken his antibiotics and tylonel all is well again. His fever has finally broke, and he is smiling and cooing again. He still has his cough, and probably will for a while. I’m just grateful that he is going to be okay, that is all I can really ask for.

Tomorrow I’m calling the doctor’s office to have the rest of my kids checked for Bronchiolitis. They’re all pretty happy and energetic, so I’ll be taking them to their pediatrician and leaving Urgent Care for the extremely sick children.