Quality time together

Last Saturday, my family and I spent some good quality time together. We laid down on the floor, played with Megablocks, watched Mickey Mouse, read books, cuddled, and just relaxed. I wasn’t feeling too well, and even though I knew I should have been cleaning and I had a 100 things that I needed to do throughout the house, it felt great to just lay down on the floor with my kids and forget all that. Everyday, I am in ‘Energizer bunny‘ mode. I hardly ever sit down and just relax. Can blame me? With my kids you have to stick to a schedule, or else before you know it; it’s 4pm and you have cranky, hungry toddlers on your hands, and you haven’t made dinner yet!

Liliah, June-bug, and me laying on the floor watching Mickey Mouse.

Me and my June-bug
My Husband and Lexi building a tower

On Saturday, I don’t know what came over me but I was just feeling lazy and exhausted. I’m glad I was too because, while I was laying on the floor with my girls, I was able to hear my little wallflower Alex counting from 1 to 10! If I had been in the kitchen fretting over the mess of toys, I would have missed that moment. I don’t think I’ll be being that lazy as often, because I’m hardwired to be in “go go go” mode. It might be a twin mom thing. It might even be a New Yorker thing. I don’t know, but I just can’t sit down and not be productive. However, I did learn to stop and smell the roses, and I have a new appreciation for the importance of quality time. So I will be making more time, for us to spend time together like this. I think it’s important for the kids and for me.

My husband and Chi Chi taking a nap.

Are you always on the go? How do you make time for Quality time with your family?

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  1. angiepowell

    Yay! Quality time is great! And I am the same way.. Hardly make time for it… Love the pictures! And a good quote for this one would be “Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” 🙂

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