30 dollars + 99 cents store = Kid’s Playroom

My husband and I have been discussing how to decorate the kids’ playroom for weeks now. We really wanted to paint it and put wall borders but that is a little pricey. So while we were out today I asked him to stop by the 99 cent store, so I could take a look around. Forty-five minutes later, I walk out with four bags of classroom decor, puzzles, activity books, glue sticks, pretty much everything  in the “Teacher’s corner.” It was worth it though! I only spent thirty dollars, and my kid’s now have their own playroom with lots of tools I can use to help them learn! They should be starting Headstart this fall, once they turn three so there is no better time to start preparing them than now!

(Left to Right: Girl’s bathroom pass, Poster to help teach time, Addition poster, Days of the month, and Weather)

The Learning area is my favorite part about the playroom. I even found a cute bathroom pass that says “Girl’s Bathroom” on it, so hopefully this will make potty training fun for the girls. 🙂 Then, I found a poster that has math problems on it. This post will help when it comes to teaching my daughter’s numbers, and we can get a head start on 1+1=2. I think my favorite thing is the Weather poster. I can teach the girls about weather and we can check the weather forecast together each day. The calendar is blank. I have no idea what I want to do with it yet. It isn’t a dry erase board so I can’t use dry erase markers to write the days on it. If anyone has any ideas for the calendar please feel free to share. 🙂

(These are the girl’s mega blocks and Mickey Mouse balls. They also have puzzles and lots of books they read too. The mega blocks and balls weren’t from the 99 cent store.)

If you don’t know already, my daughters are in love with Mickey Mouse. Every time they see him on a cartoon, or on a toy their faces light up! So we try our best to find as much Mickey Mouse toys as possible, because those toys keeps their attention best.


( The art center. 🙂 )

This area will eventually have more stuff. I plan on buying them paints, and artist smocks so they can create whatever their heart desires. These easels were given to us by some very good friends, and the backside of them has a chalkboard, which I happened to buy chalk for today (99 cents a pack).

Last but not least is the stash of awesome books I bought!

Activity books, puzzles, coloring books, and flashcards.

I found so much Disney and fisher price things at the 99 cents store, it was unbelievable! Normally I can never find Mickey Mouse or Disney at big chain stores, it’s such a hassle, and the ones I find are really pricey! So finding all these Disney books was really a blessing, because I know my daughters will be ten times more interested in learning now.

This is the playroom so far. We even bought a small basketball hoop to go on the wall, it was $2.50, so we can play basketball for “recess.” I know my husband and the girls will love that. One day I hope to have a table and chair set for snack time/coloring, along with a time out place, and a designated nap area. 🙂 So far though, the playroom is a work in progress, but at least it’s getting somewhere.

Does your child or your children have a playroom or learning area? What tools/toys/books do you find help them learn best? Where do you buy your child’s books/learning supplies from?