Boy, you have your hands full!

If you regularly read my blog, you will have noticed that I have bought the domain and changed the blog theme. Everything is now, more organized less cluttered. Best of all, I think the navigation is ten times better than before. I could not sleep last night so I stood up till 4am fiddling around with the blog and creating my Facebook page. On that Facebook page, I will update everyone about new blog posts or upcoming events concerning this blog. This keeps me from spamming my personal FB friends, with links to my blog posts. Although, it’s very tempting… 😉 If you have Facebook please stop by and like my page. The Facebook badge on the right column will direct you there, or you can just click here.

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Updates: Today my deep chest freezer arrived! It’s huge, I’m going to be able to load that, bad boy up to the brim with frozen meals and all sorts of goodies. On top of everything it was only around 180 dollars! Most of the freezers I saw were around 400 dollars, so this is a huge bargain! The main reason I wanted this freezer, was so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time shopping at the supermarket. With this freezer, I can buy as many family size packages of meat as I want! The refrigerator freezer is super tiny, and I can only fit two family size packages of meat in that thing. So this really works out for us, plus I can buy a bunch of frozen fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, that I can actually make meals and freeze them for future use! Can you tell how my little ol’ freezer was limiting me? The possibilities are now endless!! 😀

This freezer is going to make life less complicated during deployment. I know I can grocery shop with all four kids by myself, I have a perfect system, but that would require me to go food shopping every week. If I did that, I’d probably go insane. Don’t get me wrong, not because of the kids but because of the shoppers! Everytime I go food shopping by myself with all the kids, I always end up being surrounded by shoppers who feel the need to tell me “Boy, you have your hands full!”

It’s annoying as it is, but can you imagine hearing that every week for a year or longer, until my Husband’s deployment is over?

Nuh uh.
No way.

I am usually a patient person but I know my limits. It would not be long before I snapped at someone or everyone,in Walmart, and honestly I don’t want to go there. I like being the happy and good-natured person I am now. (If you haven’t noticed I’ve only mentioned Walmart because that is where all the rude people are. I never get asked a bunch of questions or hear rude remarks at the Commissary, but it’s too tiny to navigate with the stroller.)

Anyway here are the photos of the freezer. I used a can of Ginger Ale to show you just how deep the freezer and basket is.