Care Packages

With the next deployment around the corner I have been searching the internet for care package ideas. Last deployment I sent a couple of care packages to my husband but not nearly as many as I had wanted to. This time I plan on sending two each month, if financially possible. It’s been a while since I actually mailed a care package out so I needed to look up ideas on what are the best things to send. While on my search for awesome care packages I found this video below. I thought it was a really neat idea for those who have never done a care package or for anyone who needs a refresher on the whole process. Also if anyone would like to sponsor a soldier who is currently deployed, I would check out the websites mentioned in the video.

This year I plan on sending my husband Cake in Jar for his birthday. 🙂 My friend Angie did this for her husband and the soldier’s deployed with him and she had great results. I really want to try that out this deployment. Besides food I’m definitely sending lots of personal hygiene and knick knacks for entertainment. I’ll have a more detailed post once I actually start the care packages but for today I’m just doing some research and getting some ideas. If you have any tips on care package must haves or unique things such as “cake in a jar” please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂