Dear God. We have to talk.

Dear God,

It’s been a while. There is so much we need to catch up on. Well, you’re already up to date, but what I really mean is..There is so much I need to thank you for! Okay here’s my list of things I’m grateful for..

This past Sunday, my husband and I attended Mass at the chapel on post. It has been years since I’ve gone to church, and I had such a wonderful time! Most importantly, I was able to sit down, without my kids screaming for my attention, and just pray.

The chapel here provides daycare for the kids, free of charge. I had no idea that they offered that! The girls loved the daycare, they kept running back to the room every time we tried to leave. I’m sure they’ll be very excited when we go again this Saturday and Sunday.

Most importantly, I have reconnected with God. I know he’s always been there and played a role in my life. After going to church I feel such a huge relief. It was amazing. The chaplain blessed my husband because he will be deploying overseas, and we all said a prayer for their safety. I’ll admit it, it really touched home for me and I cried. Don’t you judge me. I’m going to miss my husband, even if I don’t announce it to the world all the time. Life with him deployed is so dull, but if I complain all the time it just makes me miserable, and it won’t bring him home. So I suck it up.

We discussed the baptism of our four children and are even taking a pre marriage class this week. The class is for couple who have not been married in the church and would like to be!

How great is that?! I always wanted to have a church wedding and all but we couldn’t afford it back then. After all, all I really cared about was marrying my husband whether it was city hall or a church it didn’t matter to much to me. Now that we have this opportunity to be married in the church, I’m taking it.

I’m glad we made it to church last week, even after getting our van stuck in our own driveway for 30 mins, we made it.

This is something my husband said that really hit home for me.

“I’ve come to the conclusion, that regardless of how strong you believe you are, faith has a way of making you fall to your knees, and reminding you that without GOD that strength means nothing.”