The Missing Mitten.

Remember that guest blog post I wrote two weeks ago? It’s up! Go check it out at Baby Making by Becky.

I thought it would be a nice day to take the twins out in the snow to play. For the past few weeks, we have had subzero degree weather, it’s been in the -20s and -30s. Yeah, not exactly the kind of weather you want to go out in, let alone take your children out in. So I’ve been locked up in the house trying to keep warm. Today it was fairly nice, probably somewhere in the 20s or 30s. So I decided, why not take the girls out into the backyard to try and build a snowman. Well, let’s just say things didn’t go as I planned.

First I had to find clothing that would keep them warm and dry while they went out to play in the snow. I haven’t left the house for a few weeks, so needless to say I had no idea where their hats and mittens were. This is what all the hullabaloo was about.  After searching all the closets and bedrooms, I remembered that the hats and mittens were in the car, in the girls’ carseats. So I go into the car to grab them and guess what’s in the car?


It’s everywhere! There is a heavy toughbox, click here for a picture, laying where the infant carseats are supposed to be, there are boxes in the back covering the second row of carseats, and I can’t move any of it. So I decide to search around the army gear, and I manage to find 2 hats and 3 mittens, now I know the other matching mittens has to be in there. I search and search and I find nothing.

So I ask my DH to go inside the car, and find the mitten for me since I can’t lift the toughbox or other boxes. He say ‘okay,’ and goes upstairs to get some warmer clothes on, since the garage is freezing! I take my time getting the girls dressed since I figured he’d be down in five minutes to grab the mitten out the car and then me and the girls could play in the snow. Well he didn’t come back in five minutes, he didn’t come back in ten minutes either. So I decide, what the heck I’ll just put my glove on Thing 1’s exposed hand. It’s only for a few minutes.

Well, Thing 1 didn’t like the mitten or my glove and she pulled them right off. Right after she did this, she lost her balance and fell straight into the snow, breaking her fall with her exposed hands.

Guess what she did.

She screamed as if her hands were on fire! She was freaking out and just got very angry. Meanwhile, Thing 2 is making a snowball and humming to herself. She’s content as can be, loving the snow. After drying off Thing 1’s hands, and warming them up for her, I tried to put her dry mitten back on and coax her outside.

She was not having any of it.

She preferred to stay in the doorway, sit on the floor and push all the snow on our floor back outside. She might be traumatized for the rest of her life, and I’m going to have to pay for a lifetime of therapy because of a missing mitten. After about five minutes of making snowballs with Thing 2, I brought them back inside. I took all their wet clothes off and let them warm up in the living room. Ten minutes later, my DH comes downstairs, fully dressed and turns on the Xbox.

We still haven’t found the missing mitten.