Review: Little Keeper Sleepers

I bought the Little Keeper Sleeper Pjs two months ago because my daughters were taking off their Pajamas and diapers throughout the day. If you don’t remember you can read all about it here. The Pajamas arrived on November 17, 2010. I instantly fell in love with them. I loved the concept of three clasps, so my daughters couldn’t unzip their Pajamas. They worked great, except for one major problem.

November 17, 2010: PJs arrived.

The fabric is so thin and cheap. It’s this very stretchy material, making it very snug on your child. This is great, because it prevents your child from stretching the fabric to pull their arms out from the PJs. The only problem is that it tears very, and I mean VERY easily.


November 22, 2010: The Little Sleeper Keepers get holes in the feet, because my daughters scraped their feet along the vent.

This was the first tear we experienced with these Pajamas. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, I’ll just cut the feet off and hem the ends. So I did this, and that stopped the tearing issue, except within a few weeks other areas had started to get runs in them (similar to a run in pantyhose). Before I knew it there were runs all throughout the PJs and my daughters were constantly picking at the runs. They would both stretch the small holes in the fabric until they became HUGE holes.

Now, imagine trying to patch these holes!

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  • Three button clasps are escape proof
  • Snug fabric around the neck, to prevent children from stretching the fabric and pulling their arms out from the neck opening.


  • Expensive (in my opinion). 35$ for two pajamas!
  • Material is cheap & easily ripped apart by children.

All in all, I don’t think this was worth 35 dollars at all. Right now, in order to prevent my daughters from taking off their pajamas, I have their regular sleepers on backwards and I’ve tied the top zipper area of fabric with a hair tie. I’ve also had to go back to putting them in separate rooms for nap and bedtime, which they hate. So I’m back to square one, when it comes to bedtime and nap time. I’ve been trying to get the girls familiar with the Potty but so far only Thing 1 seems interested, and that’s on rare occasions, when she feels like it. Oh well, it was nice -having poop free rooms- while it lasted.