Murphy’s Law.

So the time has come again for my family of Things to prepare for Deployment. Oh joy. Preparing for Deployment is stressful! It’s emotional, exhausting, time consuming, and of course it brings good ol’ Murphy’s Law. You all know about Murphy’s Law, right?

What can go wrong, will go wrong.

Right now, pretty much everything is going wrong! We’re having financial issues, marital issues, car issues, military issues. It’s just, ISSUES, ISSUES, ISSUES. Normally, I have a pretty calm head when it comes to these things.

Right now though, I’m just running out of patience. I’m looking forward to when deployment is already under way, so we can all get back into our routines. I hate to have DH leave, but the anticipation is much worse than the actual deployment. I learned that the hard way, from the last deployment. For now, I just have to ‘Drink water, and drive on.”