33 weeks pregnant and still no babies..

So I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and although I’m had some contractions here and there the babies still aren’t born yet. I have 4 weeks left until the babies are born. We finished buying the last minute necessities last week. We had clothes and things of that sort but we forgot some major things until the end of august. We bought the babies their cloth diapers, a pack and play w/ bassinet & changing table, and we also bought a boppy. The boppy was a life saver with the girls because it made breastfeeding so much easier on my incision. I’m hoping I don’t need another c-section this time around but just in case I do, the boppy is going to help a lot.

We also needed a pack and play for the downstairs living room. I can’t see myself walking up and down the stairs multiple times throughout the day, just to put the babies in their crib for a few minutes.
And last but not least, we bought the babies their cloth diapers! 😀
I decided against using fuzzibunz for the twinfants because of multiple reasons. I need to update my review on the Fuzzibunz diapers but I haven’t had a chance since I’ve been so busy lately. Mr. Thing and I both decided on prefolds and thirsties covers for the new babies. We bought a few to try out on the girls and I can not tell you just how easier our lives have become! You would think that folding a prefold and snapping it into place would be more difficult than putting a pocket diaper on, but it’s not the case; at least not for our family. The best part about the Thirsties covers are the leg gussets. We have not had one leak! Meanwhile we’ve had nothing but leaks with the fuzzibunz because of repelling issues and detergent build up; thank goodness for Rockin Green Soap! My poor Thing 1 also had a horrible rash on her bum because of the build up and ammonia, it was just a horrible mess. The great thing is that we no longer have any build up issues or rashes with these prefolds and that is why we decided prefolds were the best option for the new babies.