Quick update.

I just wanted to post a quick update to let you all know I am still very Pregnant. I haven’t given birth just yet. I had a few friends ask on twitter, so just wanted to clear things up. I haven’t had a chance to update. After we moved into the house I didn’t have internet for almost 2 weeks. I was forced to visit Panera Bread in order to get online and submit my schoolwork. There has just been so much going on. The babies have both dropped, I can feel their punches and kicks literally on my bladder right now. It’s not the most pleasant experience but I’ll live. My siblings and Mother in Law are coming to visit tomorrow, they’ll all be here for some time. I also have Doctor’s appointments twice a week which is driving me up the wall right about now. I’m constantly doing something! Right now things are just too hectic to blog daily. I did get some more cloth diapers and detergent for the girls which I will post about hopefully this weekend. Well that’s all the news I have right now…I have to write my final paper for my science class because I know I wont have any time to do so Saturday or Sunday. -.-

Oh and just so you all know.
The new house rocks! 🙂

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