Terrible twos

I’ve been slacking in the blog department. Again. 😦 I apologize. Things have been hectic the past few weeks. Thing 1 and Thing 2 recently started the “Terrible Two’s” and their temper tantrums have been exhausting! I’m still in my last semester of classes, and I fell behind on my work last week so I was not able to blog; at all. The girls just reached that wonderful milestone where they only take one nap a day. So my choices were either: a) Nap when they nap, b) Use nap time to work on schoolwork, or c) blog during nap time. I usually ended up picking A or B. Can you blame me? On top of everything, I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant now! If any of you have been pregnant with twins or higher multiples, you know this is the time where the exhaustion sets in. So I’ve been spending as much time as possible sitting down with my feet propped up. My Darling husband also puts me on bed rest when he thinks I’m working myself too hard. Just the other day, he came home and saw how exhausted I was and said “Lay down on the couch. You’re on bed rest until I get off work.” I wasn’t going to argue with him so I put a movie on for the girls, gave them some snacks and I spent the next four hours on the couch resting. I was only allowed to get up to change their diapers, feed them dinner, and use the restroom myself. It was only four hours but I have to say I HATE BED REST! I would have posted blog posts while on bed rest but we sold my laptop for a desktop, which I adore so much more. As for the bed rest, I think I’d go crazy if the doctor actually ordered me on bed rest; everyday, all day. Right now, I’m just thankful the twinfants are both healthy and still inside. I have a couple more blog posts I plan on posting today. I’m just charging my camera batteries so I can share some pictures and videos with you all. This is just a short update with why I’ve been absent.