The Things are very busy..

Okay so I know I have been MIA for a few days, but I promise I have a good excuse. 😉

My mother in law is in town so I’ve been devoting most of my time to being a good hostess. So far we’ve taken the kids to the playground, to the sprinklers, the beach, and we’ve been watching some movies on Netflix. So I haven’t had time to update the blog because once the girls get in bed I’m busy catching up on all my studying and doing college assignments. The life of a mother/student. Anyway today was an excellent day! The husband got off work early and we made a very last minute trip off to Westcott Beach, which is really nice! I am not a fan of salty water and huge waves, so when he proposed the beach idea, I can honestly say I wasn’t too excited. When we got to the beach though it was a totally different story! The water was amazing! No nasty salt water taste, no giant waves crashing down trying to knock my daughters out of my arms, and no icky jelly fish or crabs near my feet! The water was so clear we could see little tad poles and tiny fish swimming around. Thing 1 and 2 loved it! I bought some sunscreen for them and reapplied it every 30 minutes to protect their skin. Thankfully they didn’t get any sun burn and they loved playing in the water. Nothing better than a dip in some crystal clear water, on a hot summer’s day. We even got my mother in law to take a dip in the water! She hasn’t gone swimming in years, so it was a major achievement for her. She was so excited about it, so we’re going back to the beach before she leaves to go home. Maybe this weekend if the weather is nice. Anyway I have to do two assignments before I go to bed, and we just got back from the beach a while ago. I’m a busy, busy, bee lately; but I’d rather be busy than idle. ;o) I’ll post the pictures and a video of our beach trip later this week. I also have the finished results of the baby wipes, all sewed up. I’ll try and get some pictures of that up too. So many blog posts, but no time.