Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!


To celebrate the holiday, Mr. Thing and I had a BBQ. My Mother in Law is in town, so she was here to help out with the girls and join in on the festivities. We took the girls out to the backyard and let them play with some toys a friend donated to us. The girls had a blast in their “cop car.” :o)
Below are some pictures, I was able to take of the girls playing in their car. After an hour, both Thing 1 and Thing 2 got tired of playing cops and they decided to sweep the back deck. We all thought it was funny because they then decided to attack their daddy with the broom. Overall, it was great day. :o)

Thing 1 and her grandma in the cop car.

Thing 1

Thing 1 & Grandma

Thing 2 sitting with me on the cot.

Thing 1 and her Grandma driving the cop car.

Thing 2 running around in the yard.

My pretty little Thing 2.

Thing 2 relaxing in the cop car; apparently the cop radio was quiet so she was taking a break.

Thing 1 sweeping the yard.

She tried to attack her daddy with the broom.