I think, I found a solution!

Okay so last night the girls figured out how to get out of another couple layers of clothing. So my evening was spent with Mr. Morel, cleaning up the girls and their room. After everything was clean I decided to put the girls’ sleepers on backward. I knew that wouldn’t be enough. All the girls had to do to get out of them was sit down and let the other twin pull the zipper down. So I put a short sleeved t shirt over each sleeper. I watched the girls for a few minutes as they both tried to figure out where their zipper disappeared to. Liliah and Alexia both tried to figure out a way to take off their PJs but finally I think we found a good idea. Neither of the girls were able to take off the sleepers.

Liliah was very cooperative with me today.

See no zipper!

Zipper is in the back covered by a T-shirt

Alexia was busy drinking her milk, but this is what they’re PJs look like.

When Mr. Morel and I woke up this morning neither of us were greeted by the familiar smell of poop; that was the real test. Both of the girls were still full clothed and waiting for us to bring them a cup of milk and change their diapers. The girls took a nap in the afternoon and both of them remained clothed! So I think I found a solution, at least for the time being. Oh, and Liliah had an achievement today! She said “Poopie,” twice! I asked her to repeat herself and she said it again! You can guess what was waiting for me in her diaper. That’s right, baby poop. I’m just glad she actually said the word “Poopie.” Hopefully next on her vocab list will be “potty” and “pee pee.”

The rest of my day went well.

I’m finally in the first week of my 7th month! Yipee!
I need more sleep. I look exhausted in this picture.
I also managed to clean up most of the house, mainly the living room, which is now completely trashed…again. I created my own baby wipes because my washing machine was hungry and ate a majority of my baby kicks wipes. I’ll post a separate entry with pictures of the new baby wipes. They’re nothing fancy but I can say they work much better than my baby kicks wipes, and they’re cheaper! After I made the wipes I spent some time playing with the girls and teaching them their ABCs. That pretty much sums up my day. 🙂