Multiples and more. QOTW: A day in the life of you


A day in the life of me?
Hmm…Where to start?

5-6am: My DH wakes up and gets ready for work. If the girls have already waken up he will change their diaper and give each of them a sippy cup of milk.

7am-8am: I’m up. I check on the girls to see if they were fed breakfast and if their diapers were changed. Usually if my DH doesn’t have time to change their diapers before he goes to work, I’ll awake to a big poop covered room. The girls can get very sneaky and figure out how to take their clothes off, no matter how many layers I dress them in before bed. In that case it can take me two to three hours to clean up, depending on how much of the room is dirty…

Remember this?

This would have to be my least favorite part of the day. Every morning is another surprise because I wake up and I never know what is going to be behind their door. Will they have spread baby poop everywhere or will they be patiently waiting for me, full clothed?

8am-11am: After I’m done feeding the girls, I’ll usually put a movie on for them so I can brush my teeth and eat breakfast. If their room is dirty I usually end up doing laundry around this time. At around 10am the girls will start to get cranky and will most likely end up taking a nap. They’ll then sleep for 2 hours, if I’m lucky. This gives me time to work on any college assignments that are due, do a blog post, check my facebook, this is my “me” time.

12-3pm: The girls and I eat our lunch. I use the baby gate and play-yard to block off the kitchen and I allow them to roam around the living room. Some days I will bring out some paper and crayons to let them scribble for a few minutes, this usually keeps them pretty happy. Around 3 o’ clock I start to work on the girls dinner, and dinner for My husband and myself.

4:30: The girls usually eat their dinner around 4:30 or 5pm and this is also when my husband gets home from work. If My husband gets home on time he’ll help me give the girls their bedtime bath and then we put them in their room with some toys while we eat our dinner in peace. This is my favorite part of the day because DH and I get to sit down and enjoy our dinner in peace. We usually discuss the events of our day and watch a movie together after we eat our dinner.

Oh and about putting the girls in the room while we eat…If we allowed the girls to roam around the house while we ate our dinner, we’d literally be skin and bones. These girls will climb all over us, begging for some of our food. We feed them plenty of food but they can eat all day long, if we let them. We try to avoid having them roam “free range” while we eat or even when other people are eating in our house. We’ve had people over who will feed the girls food off their plate, and similar to puppies, I think this reinforces their habit of begging people for food. I’ve actually had the girls snatch food off of a friend’s plate before.
7:00pm: The girls will then get their sippy cup of milk around 7 o clock, we brush their teeth and then tuck them into bed around 7:30 or 8:00. There are many times that the girls will fight their sleep until 10:00pm but this is a new thing they’ve been doing. After the girls are in bed, Mr. Thing, and I take a shower and get ready for the next day.
So that is a day in our life.