Day 2 of ???

So today Mr. Thing and I took the girls to pick out their potty chairs, which they did. They really seemed to like the Elmo seat, which had a removable splash guard (the baby bjorn splash guard hits the girls in their privates, when they try to sit). The Elmo seat also was the most inexpensive one they had. We then took them to get some big girl underwear and I let them pick the colors they liked. The girls chose Hello Kitty and Disney Princess underwear which also was the least expensive ones there. I think they’re bargain shoppers like their Mama. 😉

We changed the girls into their new underwear when they got home and they seemed really comfortable in them. They did realize after an hour or so that they were clothed and wanted to run around naked. So they eventually did take off the underwear but every time they did I put them on the potty and asked them if they needed to go. Sadly we had no success because neither of them ended up doing anything.
Mr Thing, hasn’t been to the gym in a while so he helped me get the girls dressed and off to the gym he went. I put the girls in the room with their toy blocks and got started on some school work. It was about an hour and half later that I smelled poop. The house was eerily quiet too. I should have known better.
When the house is quiet, be scared.
Be very very scared.
I run into the girls room and Thing 1, has taken her diaper off yet again and there is baby poop smudged in the carpet.


Thankfully, I had just finished submitting my homework so I have time to clean everything up. I slap some dish washing gloves on, grab a bucket and get to work cleaning the carpet and then I give the girls a bath. I’m seriously considering designing toddler clothes that are “twin proof.” Maybe one day…but until then it seems like I’ll be on Cinderella duty, scrubbing the floors. Oh joy. 😉