Potty training disaster: Day 1 of ???

So I’ve been considering potty training the girls for a while now. They’re always taking off their diapers and playing with the contents, so I figured why not give it a shot?

Well around 10 am today Mr. Thing and I stripped the girls down and let them run around the living room and kitchen in the nude. We brought the potty over to the living room, a couple of books they enjoy reading, and we watched them like a hawk; at least we attempted to.

I fed them their lunch and gave them a sippy of water around 11:00 in hopes of getting their bowels moving. We tried to get them to sit on the seat when we asked them to but no luck. The girls fussed and wriggled to get off of the seat. They would only sit on the potty when they wanted to. And you know what, every time they wanted to be on the seat they never did anything. Thing 1 actually peed right next to the seat and when I grabbed her to put her on the seat she stopped. I explained to her that “pee pee” goes in the “potty,” but no luck. Mr. Thing started to zone out and the girls started to get fussy. So we put them down for a nap, full clothed, and decided to try again when they woke up.

Two hours later:

The girls wake up from their nap and I’m working on some mashed potatoes and chicken for them. Mr Thing, is fiddling with an electronic trying to get it to work the way he wants. So neither of us are paying too much attention to the girls’ bowels but you know what? No accidents. Then my DH decides he’s going for a drive to go sell the electronic and I’m left with the task of trying to wrangle the kids on the potty. Guess what happens? Five minutes after he leaves, Thing 1 poops right in front of the door he left through. So I have to move both the girls to a contained area, pick up the poop with toilet paper and flush it. I bring Thing 1 along with me to the toilet to explain that poop goes in the toilet but she seems more interested in the toilet paper roll.
When I get back to the living room with the girls, their dinner has finally cooled off a bit. I set it on the counter about to serve them when Alexia pops a squat and pees in front of the potty seat. I grab Thing 2 and say “Pee Pee run to the potty!” She sits on the seat and does, you guessed it, nothing.
Thing 1 during this time has already noticed her plate on the counter and grabs it, almost spilling everything to the floor. Just when I get the plate out of Thing 1’s hands, Thing 2 starts to pee…again. Only this time it’s on my chair…
So today has been full of a bunch of accidents and I don’t think I’ve ever been pulled in so many directions at once. The girls keep pulling off their diapers every chance they get and they show the signs of not liking being wet but I don’t know if I have the heart to continue this right now. I might wait until my Mother in Law comes to visit. At least then I’ll have someone with experience potty training kids around to help.