Mr. Thing’s surprise birthday party!

Today is Mr. Thing’s birthday! Yay! He’s busy at work all day though…so Boo! I knew he wouldn’t be able to be home early enough for us to do much celebrating so I planned his birthday party in advance. I baked him a cake Friday while he was at work and kept it hidden from him all day long until Saturday when we celebrated with our friends. The surprise worked pretty well he had no idea the party was happening that weekend, because I told him I was baking him a cake for Monday. So overall my mission was a success. I baked him a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and tootsie rolls on top for decoration. Later did I know that there was easier ways of putting chocolate circles on cake, my friend Melissa gave me the tip. Next time I’ll be doing it her way because it would have been so easier to eat! Haha

I didn’t take any pictures of the cake when I was in the middle of the frosting process because the girls were giving me a hard time. It was hard enough trying to put the design on the cake with two toddlers at my feet. I eventually gave up and put a movie on for them on their DVD player.

See the tootsie rolls? They were great with ice cream though (according to the husband.)

The girls watching Beauty and the beast on their portable dvd player. They treat it like a laptop. I caught them pretending to type on it and everything. I think it means they see me on my laptop too often. Haha 😉
Thing 1 and Thing 2, all dressed up for the surprise party and look at what trouble they’re already trying to get into. They both enjoy locking the straps on their high chairs..
After I surprised Mr. Morel I told him our friends would be coming over for pizza and cake. So he was keeping the girls entertained for me while I prepared everything in the house.

Happy 23rd birthday Babe!
He’s my best friend and the greatest husband I could have ever asked for.