Twin Things = Teamwork

Caution: This post will include some pictures that not everyone will want to see. I’ll be posting them at the end of this blog post so no one sees poop when they don’t feel comfortable seeing it.

So if you remember my blog post last week, you’ll remember I mentioned Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been streaking a lot lately. I figured I would take pictures of the chaos they created in their room so I would have some evidence when they’re older and deny this. I took a brief nap in the morning, around the time the girls normally take their own nap. When I wake up the house is very quiet so I’m guessing the girls are still napping. As I’m brushing my teeth I hear Thing 2 laughing and the little footsteps of the girls running around. I knew right then, that they had taken off their diapers again. I open the door and two poop covered toddlers run up to me showing me their poop covered hands. I’ll admit I was very frustrated at first but I decided to take a few minutes to relax and then I got started on cleaning up the girls. When I remembered I wanted to photograph this, I had already gotten the girls cleaned and dressed. So I was only able to photograph the room before and after. I have to say that Baking soda products are my new best friend! I had some baking soda with pet odor eliminator in it and I decided to give it a try after I finished scrubbing the girls room.

It took me 2 hours to clean the girls room. I had to scrub the carpet, walls, doors, toys, beds, and windows. You don’t even want to know how many times I had to change the bucket water. Anyway I’m glad it’s over and hopefully I won’t have to clean up this much poop for a while…lol




My secret weapon to a clean smelling room.