Mr. Thing graduates WLC!

So Mr. Thing graduated WLC! I’m so proud of him. He graduated in the top 20% of his class, placing him on the commandant’s list. He also won the commandant’s inspection which means his dress uniform was “squared away.” It basically means he has a really good eye for details and this is a good skill to have as a Sgt so he can make sure his soldier’s are squared away too. So his OCD and perfectionist attitude really paid off.

It was a stressful graduation with the girls, who were both exhausted, they did not want to nap and every time they fell asleep the Army Band would start to play and the Drums would wake them up. Thing 2 kept taking her shoes off and throwing them. Thing 1 kept taking any toys I gave Thing 2 away and throwing them to the side of the stroller. She does this because she’s not a happy camper and so if she’s not happy, no one else can be. Isn’t that just wonderful? 

I tried giving Thing 1 a toy but nope she threw that too…Then Thing 2 kept pushing her feet against my chair so the stroller would roll back into a soldier who was standing nearby. I felt horrible because there wasn’t much space and for an hour this guy was getting hit in the gut by the stroller handles. To top it all off when the girls started screaming this army wife starts STARING at me! I mean she kept on looking right at me and my screaming kids; giving me that look of pity, I know all too well. People see the pregnant mom with twins and they automatically start to pity you. I’m not a damn charity case! I do not need anyone’s pity. Either come over and offer some help or turn your damn head and leave me to attend to my screaming kids. I’ve had people who have seen my daughters starting to fuss and have come over and said hi and started a short conversation with the girls. That small gesture usually stops the girls’ crying and they’re back to being happy and cheerful babies. It usually takes 30 seconds to a minute of them giving the girls some attention and they’re back to being happy. Explain to me how staring at a mother with crying children is going to help her. It won’t! It’ll just frustrate the mother even more until she gets to the point were she wants to punch you in the face for being so rude!

Anyway that was my experience at Mr. Thing’s graduation. It was stressful but so worth it in the end because I was able to watch him walk across that stage. If I haven’t said it already I’m very proud of him. 😉