Baby items * Haul *

Okay so yesterday my favorite children’s store, Classy Kids, was having a sale! All infant clothes and kid’s shoes were only .50 cents! Tell me, how often do you get that kind of bargain?! I traded in a bunch of old clothes the girls didn’t fit into anymore, a few months back, and I happened to have some store credit left on my account with them. I decided now would be the best time to use my store credit, so I could stock up on baby clothes for the twinfants.

I had such a great and relaxing time at Classy Kids. How often does a parent say they enjoy clothing shopping, alone, with their kids? 😉 I really did have a great time though. The owner, Kim, showed me to the dressing room where all the infant clothes were, and because the area was closed off I was able to let the girls out of their stroller. The girls had such a blast sitting on the floor playing with toys and stretching their legs out. I was able to relax and shop at my own pace. I filled a plastic shopping bag full of baby clothes for the twins, which all look BRAND NEW! I’m still amazed at how great they look and they are all just the cutest outfits!

I also picked up some white dress shoes for the girls because I really want them to wear dresses for Mr. Thing’s graduation. I also picked up a red Baby Bjorn potty seat for the girls! I plan on potty training them soon. I just need to work on figuring out how I’m going to manage while my DH is at work. When everything was priced at the register it came out to around 22 dollars and some change. I used 14 dollars worth of store credit and then add my military discount, so my total becomes a whooping 6 dollars and some change!
Talk about getting your money’s worth! The baby Bjorn potty retails for 22 dollars brand new! Dress shoes run about 10 to 20 bucks for one pair! I remember my DH and I spending close to 40 dollars for the girls’ winter boots when we bought them at Target. I’m so pleased with everything that I picked up.
I can’t wait to show Mr. Thing all the stuff when he gets home. He’ll finally be home tonight and tomorrow he graduates from WLC! Yay! It’ll be nice to have my husband back around the house.
Random thought: Oh and remember my encounter with the spider the other night? Well, guess what?! I got bit by a spider sometime yesterday and I didn’t notice the bite until I got home. Thankfully I haven’t had any kind of reaction to the bite. I called the exterminators and they should be stopping by next Wednesday to spray for the spiders and these pesky ants that have found a way in our home. If you don’t know, we live in old housing on post. These particular houses are very drafty and there are plenty of nooks and crannies for little critters to get in. This is why I want to move back to the new housing. We lived in an upstairs apartment when the girls were born and that place had little to no spiders and only one small incident with ants. We move into this house and all I see are spider webs every where! It doesn’t matter how often I dust, or how often I kill these damn spiders they always find a way back in! What really aggravates me is that all the bugs are outside. Why can’t these spiders find a nice place outside to build a web and eat all the bugs they want out there? I wish I could kindly ask them to leave but unfortunately I don’t speak spider…so exterminators will have to do.