Where oh Where is my Glorified Spider Killer?

One thing only a few people know about me…I’m deadly terrified of Spiders. (It’s a long story that has to do with being locked outside, cornered by a giant wolf spider at nine years old. The spider literally blocked my path copying every step I took. *I shudder just thinking about it*)

I dislike having any bugs near me but when it comes to Spiders, I go into panic mode. Since the birth of the girls I have learned to overcome my fear of spiders, just enough to get close enough to kill them. My momma bear instincts take over and I go into “protect mode.” A year without my glorified spider killer, Mr. Thing, taught me I had to learn to kill the spiders myself. Since he has been back from deployment, he’s been doing all the spider killing for me.

Except for tonight.

Tonight I went into the bathroom to take a shower and what should I see on the bathroom floor but a huge spider! It was roughly around the size of a sand dollar, usually they’re smaller than a quarter. I started to freak out because it was moving so fast to try and escape me. I know that if it did escape, I would have spent the entire night by the girls’ beds making sure they didn’t get any spider visits, in the middle of the night. After smacking the spider to death with my sneaker I spent the next twenty minutes sobbing and trying to shake the feeling of spiders crawling all over me. I enjoy having Mr. Thing home, but when it comes to moments like this, I realize just how much I rely on him for support. Oh, how I wish he was home. If he was here he would probably make a joke about me running out of the bathroom squealing like a little girl or do something gross like keep the spider in a plastic ziploc bag (He’s done this before!). Anyway it’s almost 1 am and I need to be up early with the girls. I’m off to bed. I just wanted to write this post while I still had the event fresh in my mind.