Prelude to Deployment?

I’ve already been through one year long deployment with the girls and I know what to expect the next time around. I remember all the sleepless nights, the days I’d go without cooking (for myself because I absolutely HATE to cook for myself), and keeping my phone glued to my hip just in case he’d call. Those weren’t some of my best days but I got through it just fine.

Now Mr. Thing, is off to WLC and all I can think of is “Oh great, more sleepless nights because I can’t sleep in our bed without him.” He has the option of driving home every night but it’s not worth it when they get released so late in the night only to have to return at two in the morning! So DH and I both agreed that it would be best if he just slept at the WLC barracks but I didn’t think I’d go back into deployment mode.

After he left I already caught myself making sure all the doors and windows were locked. I even started a checklist in my mind about where all the emergency things are in the house. For example, yesterday he was shooting his paintball gun. I started searching for his paintball gun, just in case I need to “protect” myself while he’s gone. He’s only going to be gone for either two weeks to a month. Why do I catch myself going into Rambo mode? It makes me wonder if this is what life is going to be like for me every single deployment in his military career. Who knows, maybe life will be like this every deployment. All I know is that his paintball gun will be staying by the side of my bed from now on, just because it makes me feel better at night.