And the results are in..

So I had my first detailed ultrasound of the twinfants. The babies are healthy and active, they’ve been kicking me non stop so I kinda figured that. I officially make 20 weeks today! At the ultrasound they measured the babies’ heads, counted all the fingers and toes, and checked for any spine issues. So far everything looks good! We did find out that both babies are breeched, which means they are head up and butt down. This isn’t the ideal position for a ‘natural’ pregnancy, so if things don’t change it looks like I’ll be having another C-section. Oh joy. lol

Well onto the fun part we spent about twenty minutes trying to get a good view of the babies’ genitals but neither baby was having it. They both had their feet crossed right under their butt! Thank goodness with some poking from me and some patience Baby B kicked and voila we saw his little hot dog! 😀

Then came the real challenge trying to get Baby A who is nestled right on top of my bladder to open her legs or move them at least. Well we couldn’t get the best picture of her but we did notice when she kicked and moved there was no hot dog, and not even testicles. The technician is 98% positive it’s a girl, since she only saw 2 out of the 3 lines she’s supposed to see. So right now we’re sticking with it as if it’s a girl. We got a really perfect view of Baby A and she just didn’t have anything that could possibly be boy parts. So my verdict is Baby A – Hamburger/Girl and Baby B – Hot dog/Boy. 🙂

When we got home we put both the girls down for a nap in their room, and Mr. Thing checked the computer to see if Cutoff scores had come out. In order to get promoted to Sgt and higher in the army you need to have a certain number of promotion points. Well the points came out along with the list of soldiers being promoted. And, Mr. Thing made the list!! We’re very excited because he’s been waiting for this promotion for a while now. Now he just goes off to WLC, warrior leader course, for two weeks.

So tonight I’m making Banana bread so we can snack on it as our dessert and celebrate all the good things that have happened today. I feel very blessed and fortunate.

(I only uploaded the boy sonogram. The reason for this is because Baby A’s sonogram is almost impossible to understand unless you were there or are an ultrasound tech. This one is much clearer. Maybe at my appointment Thursday I’ll have a better picture of Baby A. :] If you can’t tell the arrow is pointing to the penis & testes. It looks like a little turtle. lol )