Cloth Diapering full time!

Three days ago, Thing 1 and Thing 2 ran out of disposable diapers. Just as I was about to “nag” Mr. Thing to make a trip to Walmart for diapers, I realized something. Why don’t I try cloth diapering them full time? Yeah I only have three diapers per baby but I do have the washing machine and dryer available here that I can just wash them during the girls’ nap time. Well I’ve been doing that for the past three days. It’s been working out pretty well so far. Yes I have to do laundry a couple times in the day but once we buy six more diapers, I’ll only have to do laundry once a day. Great thing is I love doing laundry, I just hate the folding part… 😛 I’m very happy that I haven’t had to ask Mr. Thing to buy any diapers at the store; it saves us lots of money.

On a side note Mr. Thing is going to WLC soon. I’m very excited for him because I know he’s been looking forward to this for a while. Oh and his birthday is coming up soon, we’ll be in New Jersey visiting my aunt; hopefully. I’ve already talked to her and we’re going to have a BBQ! YES! This pregnant lady has been craving some BBQ chicken, burgers, and hot dogs since the weather change. It’s so sunny outside, perfect BBQ weather.

While we’re in Jersey we plan on getting the old minivan back up here. We have a plan in the works…so hopefully it works out. I know my aunt would like her driveway back, without the “Van from hell” in it.