19 weeks!

Today marks the day, I’m 19 weeks pregnant! Woohoo! I’m pretty comfortable for the most part, pregnancy symptoms have been mild. I think the most uncomfortable part is the uterus stretching and shortness of breath. I still have a couple of weeks to go before these babies are born, so of course those symptoms will only get worse. The babies have also been kicking the be-jesus out of me! My belly feels like a punching bag. Every time I try to get comfortable I feel a sharp poke from either my left or right side. Baby B is on the left and Baby A is lower on the right..so when they kick I know who is kicking me. I wish my DH could feel them kicking but so far it’s just hard enough for me to feel. He felt it one day when we were sleeping, but he was also half asleep so he could have just been saying he felt it to make me shut up and sleep. 😛

Oh and my belly just up and exploded one day. It’s huge! Thankfully, my DH and I went to Burlington Coat Factory last week and we bought maternity jeans and two blouses for me to wear. I feel so much more comfortable in clothing now. Most days I stay in sweats because they’re comfortable but now I’m always wearing my Maternity jeans. I LOVE them! 

Two new updates: Went car shopping at Fuccillos used car place and that didn’t go well. First off they under priced our vehicle by $2,000 and after telling us we wouldn’t need a down payment, switched everything on us and required a $1,000 down payment in a month! The guy had the nerve to tell us, “We’re trying to work with you..” as if we weren’t trying hard enough to work with them. We’re giving them our business, we don’t owe them anything. So after the guy tried really hard to get $500 from us, by the first, I explained to him that I handle the finances. I do our monthly budget and there is no way we’d be able to give him $500 dollars in two weeks when we need to get Mr. Thing’s gear for WLC. His face was priceless, like a little kid who was told they wouldn’t be going to Disneyland next summer. After that he had his hissy fit by walking up from the table, without saying a word and going into the next room. RUDE! Well anyway the car dealership didn’t work out but it’s okay. I know something will come along. Things always work out, some way or another. 🙂

I called the on post housing office and explained to the woman that she needed to remove us from the 5 bedroom wait list and after being put on hold for twenty minutes she did just that! So thankfully we’re on the 3 bedroom list at the moment. I just need of course a new pregnancy verification form, they found the old one but they just want one stating I’m having twins. Understandable. So slowly things are getting better and working out. I have a few more things I need to handle when it comes to preparing for the babies but overall we’re okay so far.

Oh and just so I don’t forget this. I had a dream last night that I was having two boys! I don’t think that will happen since they said one is most likely a girl, at the last appointment. It was a nice dream though. I think I’m just so excited for my ultrasound on the 25th, that my mind is playing games with me. Haha Only 1 week left till we find out the sex of the babies…hopefully. If not then we won’t be finding out till they’re born!

Well Fuccillos called us back yesterday and they had a better offer for us. They increased the trade in value of our Xterra by 1,000 dollars so our bases were covered. I’m awful glad I said no the first time and didn’t agree to pay that 1,000 dollar down payment. Well anyways we went by yesterday and picked up our 2007 Toyota Sienna. It comes with two warranties so “God Forbid” anything happens our bases should be covered. Mr. Thing loves the car and all the power options; the Xterra had no power options so he is enjoying the luxury of power windows… He calls it his Swagger Wagon. lol