And we’re on the hunt…for a new vehicle.

I’m officially in the first week of my fifth month. The pressure to start preparing for the “twinfants” is in high gear. I have been moody, stressed beyond belief, and nesting like crazy! When I was pregnant with the girls I started nesting really early and preparing months in advance because there is always that chance that the babies will come early. In two weeks it will be June! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! It’s really starting to dawn on me that we need a bigger vehicle. We need a bigger house and we need a bigger stroller. When we planned this pregnancy we were only expecting one baby, so we thought we had everything pretty much planned out and we were prepared.

If you want to make God laugh, make plans.

Our Nissan Xterra has no space for the “twinfants” in the second row, we have the broken minivan still in New Jersey and no way to get it back here! We’re still making payments on the dumb minivan so we can’t even take it to a junk yard for some extra cash. We have four months till these babies decide to make their debut, and that is if they decide to stay in that long…

We need a three bedroom house, ASAP, and housing has been a complete butthole about it. They decided it would be nice to put us on a five bedroom waitlist, without our consent, while they wait for ANOTHER copy of my pregnancy verification form. You know how long it takes to get a five bedroom on this base? Two years. They cannot expect all four of my kids to share a room for two years! What do four little children under the age of 5 need their own bedroom for anyway?! Infuriating! If you can’t tell…I need to vent.

We need to move into a bigger place before the babies arrive because once they arrive there is no way I’ll be able to help my DH with the packing and moving. He’ll be completely on his own unless he can recruit help from his friends.

Back to our car dilemma, I still have no idea what car we’re looking for. It’d be nice to narrow down some makes or models, and come up with a price range. However by the time my DH is out of work and back from the gym, he’s knocked out sleeping because he has to be up at 4am. Needless to say I feel very alone when it comes to decision making and in general just stressed. I’d love if these hormones gave me a break because I’m just too exhausted…