Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day! I know I’m a day late, but I was a very busy Momma yesterday. 🙂 I had a great day, thanks to my husband and the girls. Thing 1 and Thing 2, both behaved so well, I almost believed for a second that they knew it was a special day and that was their gift to me. Haha! They still don’t understand the concept of Mother’s Day yet, but it’s okay. They didn’t fight or cry as much as they normally do and they even went to bed without a peep at six o’clock! Normally I get some kind of back talk or some protesting. I can say they were angels yesterday. 🙂

DH cooked some dinner for us, and baked me a cake! We didn’t see the sense in going out and spending 60 dollars at a restaurant for one evening, when we’re still trying to save money. So he did a lot of my daily “chores” for me and baked me a cake. We then spent the rest of the day playing video games and talking to each other. It was a very stress free day for me. 🙂

I hope all of you mother’s out there had a great day. So Happy Mother’s day to the Moms who are blessed to have their children with them and to those Mothers who have had to say goodbye to their babies sooner than they expected. Happy Mother’s day to the Mothers to be, enjoy your pregnancy it flies by. And of course, Happy Mother’s day to the Mothers who are in heaven and can’t physically be here with us.