Fuzzi Bunz are amazing!

Okay, so remember I was using the Kushies diapers for the girls not to long ago. Well after doing a ton of research I decided to try FuzziBunz cloth diapers. I know, in my last post I said I would try BumGenius but I was getting tired of the velcro straps. I ordered 6 diapers for the girls to try, and they arrived here yesterday at around 6:30! I was so excited to try them on the girls that I ripped them out of the packaging and strapped those babies on to the girls–their bedtime is 7:00pm and I was pressed for time. I stuffed both of the diapers with two inserts and adjusted the elastic for Thing two’s diaper.

7:00am and the girls are still quiet, normally they’re screaming to be changed around 6:30am.

7:15am: Thing 2 wakes up and knocks on her door to get my attention. Still no screaming. Amazing.

So I finally go into their room to see how the diapers held up. When I opened the door, I literally braced myself. I was expecting to be hit in the face with that familiar smell of ammonia, but…nothing! No smell! Thing 1 was still in bed hugging her pillow; she was very comfortable.

After having to wrestle both of the girls down, I finally was able to check their diapers and to my amazement there were no leaks! Both of the girls’ diapers, pajamas, and even the skin on their behind was dry! I can honestly say I am beyond impressed! They normally wear Huggies Overnights, and even those so called “super absorbent” diapers leak sometimes.


  • Micro-fleece insert.
  • Snaps vs. Velcro.
  • Elastic sizing instead of front snaps.
  • Very absorbent!
  • Stretchy tabs.
  • Amazing colors!

  • Changing the elastic size was a little frustrating at first but I managed. Good thing you only have to change the size every couple of months.


These diapers are some of the priciest..but I’ve seen worse. Apparently there is a cloth diaper that costs 30 dollars for just one diaper! Which, I think is pretty ridiculous…but these FuzziBunz cost around 16 or 19 dollars depending where you purchase them from. I ordered mine on Amazon and they arrived within two to three days, with standard shipping! 

I’ll have another post with pictures and even a video with me showing you the differences between FuzziBunz & Kushies.