Cloth Diapering: The inside scoop on the poop.

Ahh. We’ve finally started the joyful journey of cloth diapering the girls. Late start. I know. It’s a small step, but a step in the right direction at least! My husband and I bought the girls six cloth diapers, Saturday and have been using them with disposables, for nap/bed time. It has been VERY interesting. So far we already have a few issues with the current brand we are using but minor issues. Thankfully we didn’t have to pay for the diapers because we used store credit, from a very FABULOUS consignment store; Classy Kids. If you live in the local area and you have children, you have to visit them!

As I was saying, we’re currently using Kushies Ultra One size cloth diapers. My Husband and I like the diapers but we’re not entirely sold on the brand. The velcro straps don’t stretch very much, so my DH has mentioned that he would like us to try and find a brand that has stretchier velcro straps. We have also had two leaks on occasions but that was because Miss Forgetful (me ;] ) used them on the girls around their nap time. Oops. Well other than the leak and the non stretchy straps, they are great! I would love to be able to use them on the girls during nap time but since the girls tend to be heavy wetters these don’t work so well for them. I think we’ll probably buy two bum genius diapers to try on the girls, I’ve heard wonderful reviews about them; they also have stretchy tabs! 🙂

I’ve received a lot of questions from my friends about the cloth diapers. I think a lot of people had major concerns about the poop. I have had a few days where I can’t stand the smell of the girl’s BM(bowel movements), but remember I’m pregnant and prone to vomiting. It really hasn’t been a huge issue for us though. This is our routine. We invested in some dish washing gloves for the laundry room and I snap those babies on every time the girls have a BM. All we do is clean the girls, put a clean diaper on, and move them to a different area so little fingers don’t grab a dirty diaper while our backs are turned. Afterward, either DH or I put our gloves on, open the toilet, and shake the deposit out of the diaper. It’s really not that hard. Then of course you flush and wash your hands. 😉 (Yes, even if we are wearing gloves we still wash our hands and the gloves. GERMS people!) Did you know that with disposable diapers you are actually supposed to dump the poop out of the diaper, into the toilet? Don’t believe me, check your box of diapers. It should say something about “proper use.”

Anyway after that, we go into our laundry room and with the gloves on clean the cloth baby wipes in the sink or presoak them with water and vinegar for a few hours until we do a load in the washer. I love having the sink near our washing machine because it makes it very easy to hand wash the baby wipes (with gloves). I then wash the diapers at night and hang them to dry on our wooden dryer, or if I’m in a pinch I throw them in the dryer on low heat. We don’t have any issues with smell in our laundry room, even with the door closed because the poop is where it should be, down the toilet. :o)

There are so many more blog posts that I intend to do but at the moment I need to get some sleep! Next up I have a review on some Green cleaning products but that will be later.

Good thoughts to all. 🙂