We’re pregnant!

So Mr. Thing and I are pregnant again! We’re having another set of twins! These are fraternal twins, so hopefully we have a higher chance of getting a boy this time. It would be nice to have even just one boy, just so my Darling Husband (DH) won’t be so outnumbered around the house. 🙂

The girls, Thing 1 and Thing 2, are both identical twins, and are so much fun but I’d love to have a boy this time around. I’m really excited about the new set, I can’t wait to find out the sex of the babies. We had originally planned on not knowing the sex, we thought it would be more fun, but now that we know it’s twins again; it’s just practical to know the sex. I’ve already figured out the theme for the kids room. Once we move into our 3 bedroom house we’re going to decorate the kids room in a Jungle theme! Thing 1 is absolutely in LOVE with elephants, and Thing 2 has a toy Giraffe that she adores. So DH and I figured a jungle theme would be nice for the little zoo animals. I also love the fact that it’s totally unisex in case we have boys this time. *Crossing Fingers* 😉

For the next few days I plan on preparing a list of things we need for the new set of twins. We already have their cribs thank goodness, I just need to tighten the screws. Other then that I’ll be looking at other major baby gear we’ll need like stroller & car seats. I plan on buying most things at a consignment store by our house. With the girls, so many people bought them BRAND NEW clothes and they never even got a chance to wear them because they outgrew them! I have absolutely no problem buying them gently used clothes, because within a few weeks the clothes are too small and I need to get them new clothes all over again. I’m so glad to have this knowledge because being a new mom before I was always a little worried about buying used items.

The only things I will ever buy new are car seats and possibly cribs because of the recalls. I prefer to be safe rather than sorry later on. I’m going to sign off this now, I have some packing to do and dinner to make. 🙂