Vacation update PT 1

The last time I updated this blog I was planning a trip for block leave which is army lingo: for vacation! We had originally planned on going to Virginia, but of course the plans changed last minute. It’s funny how things work out for the best. We actually went to New Jersey to see my aunt and her family, who I haven’t seen since I was around 11 years old. It’s been a while. As we were leaving her home on the way to New York our minivan broke down! Yes! That piece of junk started smoking and died on a busy three lane highway! I thought I was going to die! Honestly, I was picturing a car just rear ending us and that’s it, end of our life. Thankfully, my husband managed to get the van over to the side of the road without us getting into an accident.

(This is actually a picture I took a few minutes prior to the van breaking down.)

So of course we had to go through the process of calling a tow truck and calling my aunt to pick us up. We ended up spending a few more days at my aunt’s house where we all put our brains together and tried to come up with a solution for our vehicle dilemma. The solution was that we would leave the van at my aunt’s house and we purchased a new vehicle, thanks to my aunt and her husband. We are eternally grateful to them for helping us out. Below is a picture of our new vehicle, which has given us no problems what so ever so far.

We are currently trying to come up with the funds to get our van back home so we can replace the engine. We’re going to need the seating in that minivan now..;)
Well that’s pretty much what happened over block leave. I can only imagine what would have happened if we had actually made it to Virginia and the van had broken down! Things always happen for a reason. 🙂