Child friendly places in Virginia

There are only a few more days till Mr. Thing takes leave, which is the army’s fancy way of saying Vacation! I have been counting down the days since he signed his leave form. 🙂 We have a whole 30 days of vacation, which will mostly consist of visiting family and friends in NYC. After that we’ll be heading over to Virginia!

We chose Virginia for a few reasons.

1. We haven’t saved up enough money to go someplace tropical like Florida. It’s 500 dollars in gas just to drive down there: meaning 1000 dollars for a round trip…not including misc expenses. -_- Virginia is much closer than FL and we can not afford a round trip flight, either.

2. Virginia is family friendly! There are so many places in Virginia for toddlers! I’m especially excited about the Children’s museum of Richmond. It’s designed specifically for toddlers and young children, meaning I won’t have to run around trying to keep the girls from breaking delicate exhibits. 🙂 I can just picture my girls fighting over a giant dinosaur bone and running away from me screaming as I try to get it back…*shudders* The phrase “You break it, you buy it” comes to mind…Back to the subject..

3. My husband’s brother lives in VA with his wife and we haven’t seen them for a while. This entire trip we’ll be stopping by our family’s homes to see them and say hi. When Mr. Thing returned from his tour overseas, we didn’t have time to go visit everyone so this kind of makes up for that. 🙂

Two major places I’d like to visit while in VA are:

Metro Richmond Zoo: You can actually get up close and personal with a Giraffe at this zoo! Thing 2 LOVES giraffes, she has a beanie baby giraffe that she is very attached to. I think she would love it, plus it’s not every day you get that close to a giraffe. Hopefully they’re still doing this at the zoo during this cold weather…if not I think I’ll be more disappointed then the girls. >_<

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center It’s been years since I’ve been to an aquarium, especially one with an Imax theater (I’m a sucker for animal documentaries..sue me.) There is also an option to go whale watching on a boat off the coast. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that, depending on how much time we have left in our trip there.

Out of everything that I am looking forward to, the thing I am most excited for is creating family memories. I am so anxious for this experience; the cranky babies, the long drive, cramming in study time for schoolwork, and the smiles on my daughters’ faces when they experience new things. Taking long road trips are never easy but it is all worth it in the end. I look forward to telling the girls stories and showing them photos of our vacations when they’re older. 🙂

When this is all over and done with, if I come up with any valuable tips for long trips with twin toddlers I will make sure to make an entry for that. 😉