So I’m a little late…

Happy New Year everyone!

I know, it’s three days late but I was not feeling good at all the past few days. I had the most painful UTI, I’ve ever had, so I’ve been on some medication and trying to relax.

For New Year’s Eve I went to visit my neighbor Amanda; who is awesome by the way. 🙂 We had a nice calm evening watching the countdown on TV and talking. My daughters both had a blast playing with her son CJ; especially Thing 1 who seems to LOVE him. Leave a comment telling me what you did for New Year’s Eve. Below are some pictures of us from New Years.

I know a lot of people are making New Year’s resolutions, but I try not to. I like to think if I’m going to start something new, then I start right then and there. I don’t like to make unrealistic or superficial goals either.

A few things I plan on doing differently:

Buy and eat Organic: I was a vegetarian for a while and although I loved it; I found it to be unrealistic for the rest of my family. So after spending a lot of time thinking about the best way for my family to eat healthier, Mr. Thing and I have decided to buy organic foods from the local farms nearby.

Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher: I’m currently attending The University of Phoenix; which is an amazing online school. I have attended two other colleges online before UoP and I can tell you from experience that I have found this college to be the absolute best. I highly recommend it. As of now I have a 4.0 GPA which I am extremely proud of. I know with time my courses will start to become more difficult and so although it would be nice to maintain my 4.0 it might not be possible. I plan on doing my best in all of my courses but I will not allow myself to fall below a 3.5.

So yes, those are two things I plan on doing for the new year. I have an amazing husband and two wonderful daughters, and I’m forever grateful for them.