So the verdict is in…

We have officially come up with a name for our puppy!
For the past four weeks we’ve just been calling her puppy…but with a lot of research we found out the name for her!


Different, I know. 🙂 My husband and I wanted her name to have something to do with Greek Mythology. I came across this name in a book, that I have at home. The story of Atalanta is just awesome!

Atalanta is an Arcadian princess whose father left her in the woods as a baby. She was then fed by a She-bear and nursed to health. Atalanta became an amazing huntress and was admired by Artemis the goddess of the hunt. After many battles Atalanta returned to her father’s kingdom where he told her that it was time she should marry. Atalanta agreed to marry only, if a man could beat her in a foot race; those who lost would be put to death. Amazingly, many men raced for her hand in marriage and all lost except one young man who had help from the goddess Aphrodite. Atalanta represents swiftness and power.

When I look at my puppy I see Atalanta, a tough huntress wouldn’t back down in battle no matter how intimidating the opponent. And so we have named her after Atalanta. 🙂 I think she likes it too because she tends to bark a lot when I say it. 😉

I’ve also been doing a lot of research on her nutritional needs. My husband and I are considering feeding her a raw meat diet of chicken and salmon. I’m in the process of doing my research. If we do switch her to a raw meat diet I will be sure to update you all.