Happy Holidays!

So tomorrow is Christmas eve, and I am beyond excited! “Santa” has been very generous and my tree is now filled with tons of presents for my friends and family members. I also managed to sneak a late night trip to the 24/7 Walmart by my house to pick up a gift for my husband, without him knowing. 😉

I won’t say what I bought him, just in case he reads this post. He can be very sneaky, like that. I did hide it somewhere in the house where he won’t ever find it! I had it all planned out, gosh I love the holidays. 😀

I know not every one celebrates Christmas; some people celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah; for example. So what are some traditions that you and your family do to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new year?

Mr. Thing and I have just started to celebrate the holidays together, last Christmas he was deploying to Afghanistan and so it was not a very merry time of the year for us. I like to play Christmas oldies music while we decorate the house/tree and drink hot chocolate. The attached picture is of my twin daughters by the tree, when we first put it up. 🙂

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